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At On the Spot Language we pride ourselves in providing our ESL learners with quality instruction, a memorable experience, and lifelong memories... and it all starts with our expert English Language COACHES!

Our ideal COACHES share our CORE VALUES.

Empowerment: We provide information and support to empower our students and each other to fully express thoughts and opinions, and to take initiative to achieve goals.

Connection: We create a supportive environment that foster connections between students, between students and coaches, and between students and the community.  

Hard Work: We value hard work and diligence over certifications and appearances.

Feedback & Recognition: We accept and provide open and honest feedback (between coaches, between coaches and students, and between coaches and management).

Quality learning (and people) over profits: Providing high quality lessons and outstanding experiences to our students is our top priority.  We also aim to provide a quality work environment for our coaches, and this is more important to us than business profits or personal gain.

Does this sound like you?

  • Diligent with correct pronunciation

  • Passion for teaching languages

  • Driven to ensure student participation and success

  • Empowered by interaction with strangers

  • Highly communicative

  • Patient and compassionate

  • Interested in Canadian history

  • Eager to learn new skills and information

  • Passion for life

  • Team builder

If it does sound like you, you might be a great OSL Coach.  

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