What is Language Coaching?

Guide and help you with everything you need to start and maintain a conversation.

Help you improve your English rapidly.

Push, support and encourage you to step out of your comfort zone by having English conversations with strangers every day. 

Give constant and immediate correction so that you can speak with confidence and fluency.

①Be trained and shown the proper form / Be trained and shown the correct way

②Practice the form that was taught / Emulate the language that was taught

③Be immediately corrected on your form / Be immediate corrected on your pronunciation, intonation, and body language

④Retraining your technique / Practice and overcome your mistakes

⑤Develop muscle memory / Speak English naturally without thinking
①Learn and observe how to speak English fluently like a native English speaker

②Practice : start and continue conversations in English

③Immediate Correction

④Practice : start and continue conversations in English

⑤Be able to effectively express your thoughts and feelings in English. Gain confidence to use English in real life situations

⑥Become an independent English language learner

Active LaERNIng


In Japan, you will learn English for a long time through compulsory education.

But why are you not good at speaking English?
This is because there is a bias in balance and there is an extremely lack of conversational experience.

Reading and grammar in the classroom ...
Do you do what you can do in Japanese schools even though you came overseas?

“When I have enough vocabulary words ...”
“When I get used to conversations with foreign students ...”
When will you be ready?

As you can see from the learning pyramid, the more active the learning method, the higher the learning retention rate. On the contrary, simply reading a reference book (reading) and taking a class (lecture) takes a tremendous amount of time until you can actually speak English.

Language is not learned in a passive attitude.
Let's go out of the classroom, talk to native speakers, and actually use English!
Realistic experiences are accompanied by emotions and are easy to remember.

How much do you learn and use what you learned in the classroom?

At OSL, you make it completely yours through city practice.