Students who go through the On the Spot Language program
are able to hold conversations with all kinds of English speakers
in Toronto’s diverse and multicultural environment.

OSL Methodology

What's really unique about OSL is our English coaching methodology. 

Outside The Classroom | On the Spot Language

Outside The Classroom

We take students out of the classroom and students have the opportunity to talk with a number of strangers on the street every day. Practicing conversations with native English speakers is the best way in Canada (and the world) to learn English and to improve English speaking.
Immediate Correction | On the Spot Language

Immediate Correction

Coaches correct mistakes in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation immediately and on-site.
Small Classes | On the Spot Language

Small Classes

OSL only accepts a maximum of 3 students per class, so every student gets the attention and assistance they need - all of the time.
Customized Lessons | On the Spot Language

Customized Lessons

OSL Coaches customize lessons according to each student's learning goals.

Why Choose OSL?

One of the biggest challenges students face is having CONFIDENCE to approach and speak with strangers. 
In the OSL program, you'll go out on the street along with our expert English Language Coaches. They will guide you and help you with everything you need to start and maintain a conversation.  They will also correct your intonation, pronunciation, fluency, volume, and body language.  By the end of your first month of learning English with OSL, you will have spoken to around 400-600 strangers.  This is why our students learn English rapidly.  Before long, you will be able to confidently speak and enjoy conversations with native English speakers.


Native English Speaker - Outcome | On The Spot Language

1. Learn how to speak English like a native English speaker

Conversations ~ Outcomes | On the Spot Language

2. Start and continue
conversations in English

Independent Learner - Outcome | On the Spot Language

3. Become an
independent learner

Express in English - Outcome | On the Spot Language

4. Effectively express
your thoughts and feelings

Confidence - Outcome | On the Spot Language

5. Gain confidence to use
English in real life situations


For On the Spot Language program downloads in Japanese and Korean, click here.