While I was studying English in Vancouver, I met someone who had taken an On the Spot Language course in Toronto. So, I went to Toronto to study with OSL and I improved more, in only 2 months, than I did in 6 months in Vancouver. Now that I know the OSL method, I can continue to learn English on my own and have fun doing it.
— Yusuke (2 month program)
My English Coach corrected my pronunciation all the time and I learned real Canadian English and could understand what Canadians said. I got to learn so much about Canadian history and felt more connected to the people, the city, and the country.
— Kazuma (2 month program)
I had so much fun learning and practicing English. I liked going to new places every day, learning how to order at restaurants and going shopping. I also made some lifelong friends in the program.
— Haruka (2 month program)
OSL has brought my English to another level. By volunteering with OSL, I have learned many things about how to effectively learn and teach English. I have also learned marketing and people skills in the process. Now I have the confidence to achieve my dreams of getting into College. Thanks OSL!
— Asuka(2 month program)