Anesh Daya
Founder, Director of Studies & Chief Happiness Officer

For the past 15 years, Anesh has taught, managed, and developed ESL programs in Canada and abroad.  He has volunteered his time teaching LINC classes (Government run classes) for the York Region Board of Education and he has presented several teacher workshops for the TESL community in Ontario.

Anesh is a keen language learner himself, and has taught in several schools. Throughout his own language learning journey, he realized the need for ESL learners to have more real-life speaking experiences while studying English. Frustrated with ESL learners not being able to effectively hold conversations about their lives, their jobs, hobbies and everyday activities, Anesh decided to create a better way to learn English. 

Thinking back about how learned Mandarin, Anesh decided to take students out of the classroom.  The OSL activity-based English language immersion program was developed 8 years ago to teach practical English for everyday use.  No longer is it necessary for students to spend days, months or even years in the traditional classroom.  The OSL method pushes students to use their English skills outside in the real world where it is most useful.