The ONLY Experiential Language Learning Program with OSL Trained Language Coaches who guide and coach ESL learners HOW TO BECOME INDEPENDENT language learners.

Learn how to speak English with confidence in REAL-LIFE situations.

An Award-Winning program established in 2009 with a well-established and proven methodology that is results-oriented.

One of the biggest challenges students face is having CONFIDENCE to approach and speak with strangers. 
In the OSL program, you'll go out on the street along with our expert English Language Coaches. They will guide you and help you with everything you need to start and maintain a conversation.  They will also correct your intonation, pronunciation, fluency, volume, and body language.  By the end of your first month of learning English with OSL, you will have spoken to around 400-600 strangers.  This is why our students learn English rapidly.  Before long, you will be able to confidently speak and enjoy conversations with native English speakers.

Do you feel that your speaking pronunciation improved?
  • I’ve felt that my listening skills had grown! The conversation with the person who speaks for the first time has continued! Above all, I felt it was fun to speak English!

  • I am confident when it comes to pronunciation and restaurants and ordering. I think that you can now have conversations that are close to native to a certain extent.

  • understood again that it was most important to remember by mouth.

  • When I talked, I was able to communicate natively more smoothly than before, and I was able to talk about myself. The idea of “studying” English was changed to the way of speaking “speaking” English.

Do you now have confidence to be able to approach strangers and start a conversation?
  • I became confident in speaking English. It became possible to talk to strangers without hesitation, and it became possible to enjoy conversation.

  • I felt that being able to talk to Stranger would be a shortcut to improving my English speaking ability in the future. Also, I became conscious of pronunciation.

  • As I learned a phrase that helps to start and continue the conversation, I can now answer with confidence.

Do you think that you will be able to continue to apply the OSL style/method after the program?
  • From now on, I would like to make use of the OSL method to enjoy conversations with local people and make connections at travel destinations. Also, after returning to Japan, I would like to be able to help and connect with people who came from abroad from the opposite standpoint.

  • What I learned in OSL is not how to learn English but how to learn English, and I would like to try French, Spanish, and Chinese in the future using this method!

  • I would like to travel around the world in various other countries interviewing what I want to hear.

Would you recommend this program to your family or friends?
  • OSL is a great way to learn English from a totally different angle, in a style not found in traditional language study abroad. As I actually went to a large school for 2 months and this program for 2 months, OSL is much better for English ability and enjoyment, and it was not only English but also thinking about life and having a full two months.

  • I think that it will be a shortcut for improving English conversation skills by continuing the OSL program after the course, so I want more people to know.

  • I also learned how to live in life through the way I study English. I noticed that I had missed many things, so I would like to make use of what I learned in OSL to make my life more enjoyable.