Why choose OSL?


Small Classes


Maintain a teacher/student ratio of 1:3 per class. This ensures that all learners get the necessary attention they need and deserve at all times.


Outside of
a traditional
ESL classroom


Our students are coached in real-life situations and are given the opportunity to speak with locals on a daily basis. Practicing conversations with native English speakers is the best way in Canada (and the world) to learn English and to improve English speaking.


Constant & Immediate Correction


Coaches correct mistakes with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation immediately and on-site.


Customized Lessons


OSL Coaches customize lessons according to each student's learning goals.


What is the difference between OSL and ESL school? / Why is the difference Coaching and Teaching?


Textbook English

Standardised content & goals

No communication with native speakers, except for teacher

No real-life experiences, minimal connections

Understanding, studying and memorizing

Inhibits expression due to overthinking

Speak with other ESL learners

Non–client-focused, intentional content


Active learning

Everyday, useful English

Student-focused content & goals

Trains effective communication and uses with native English speakers

Constant & immediate correction

Authentic connections & experiences in real-life situations

Acquiring, training, mastering

Building up confidence to speak and express oneself

Speak with everyday people with Coach